Weather in Sicily – choosing the right time to visit the island

Choosing your holiday depends on which temperatures you prefer, weather in Sicily allows you a lot of possibilities!

What is the best time to visit Sicily? Which zones are better to be visited during summer, which ones in autumn and spring? Is it convenient to spend the winter there? How is generally  the weather in Sicily?

Many are the questions related with weather in Sicily and all of them depend on choosing the right time to visit the biggest island of the Mediterranean, avoiding big crowds, excessive heat and enjoying all the local beauties.

Typical winter weather in Sicily

Typical winter weather in Sicily

The various regions of Sicily allow the island to experience a large set of climates suitable for every taste.
Usually the weather in Sicily is characterized by wet & mild winters, short middle seasons and long dry summers lasting from late April to early October.

Although Sicily is considered to be the house of the sun in Italy, its glorious agriculture is due to a very wet winter, especially in the inland areas – where rivers and streams are born.

The warmest and sunniest big city in Sicily is Catania with its average of almost 2500 hours of sunshine per year. Anyway, Sicily is famous for the long snowy days that paint the Etna white from October till late May.

A view of the city park of Catania

A view of the city park of Catania

Everyone can find its favorite weather in Sicily, the importance is to have clear in mind which weather we are looking for.

For example: this year’s December – 2015 – is being very mild, and many people from the province of Ragusa are bathing in the sea. Some other times summer months can be inexplicably wet and rainy.

It is general matter that drier and warmer climate can be found along the coasts, and higher snowfall is common in the inner regions.

After a brief mild-cold winter period – January and February – temperatures begin to rise and many crispy days characterize the period. It is already in mid-april when summer starts to present itself to tourists and local, allowing the enjoyment of local marvels.

From June to September heat-waves are common but in some sea sites a night breeze helps to cool down the scorching stones of local towns.

Bright colors even in winter - weather in Sicily

Bright colors even in winter – weather in Sicily

After September it’s not uncommon to see locals bath in the sea till late November, thanks to the typical Indian summer. Surely British tourists will be happy to experience a promenade and a fresh granita on the seafront of Palermo, enjoying both the sun and the traditional tastes.

Weather in Sicily is made for everyone, you just have to pick your favourite month to visit and enjoy the island!


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