About Us


We are two Italians who are in love with their motherland and particularly passionate about Sicily.

We truly believe Sicilian lifestyle is a lovely way to enjoy life with all its peculiarities and we want to use this blog to highlight every brilliant thing that comes from the queen of the Mediterranean.

Irene was born in Erice, a lovely village close to Trapani in 1988, she studied journalism and had been working as a freelanceĀ journalist for some time before moving to the West Midlands and starting a new life in the United Kingdom.

Mattia was born in Benevento, a small town lying near Naples in the southern Italian Apennines, he studied Business & Tourism and specialised in Arts management. Mattia then decided to move to Birmingham, looking for an opportunity to make his dream of having a business on his own come true.

Both of us have travelled around the world, experienced many forms of hospitality and began to understand the typical yet beautifully diverse lifestyles and cultures of the countries we were visiting each time; now we want to spread the beauty of Sicily towards the United Kingdom by sharing stories from our experiences, our families and our knowledge, that will enable us to suggest authentic forms of experiencing life like a real Sicilian would do!

We will discuss topics such as: street food, festivals, nature, traditions, events, history and people of this island, focusing on its very soul and underlining the particularities that characterise the lifestyle of Sicilian people living both in their motherland and around the world.

With this blog we aim to communicate the wonders of Sicily, articulating them in different sections according to our tastes, to potential partnerships with our Sicilian friends and to the possibility of building up holidays towards this majestic island.

Sicily is a magical place, it is full of wonders and many of these are hidden behind unfortunate stereotypes that have developed and spread due to lack of passion and information; our aim is to unveil as many marvellous stories as possible and convert them into affordable destinations for holidays and for authentic Mediterranean adventures.

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