Top 10 Sicilian places to visit

Everyone knows Sicily is an island full of marvellous things to see – but which are the best Sicilian places you can’t miss if booking a travel to Sicily?

Here we give you a list of 10 Sicilian places: the most interesting, original and stunning places to go for an unforgettable experience during your holiday in the Mediterranean.

  • Palermo:

As the Capital city of Sicily, Palermo is a city able to amaze all your senses and offer different things to do at the same time. You can have tasty and cheap street food while strolling down one of its historical markets. You can stop by a Baroque or Medieval church and let your eyes wide open while admiring the thousand years old architecture Palermo is proud and rich of. You can have a mouthwatering granita by the old port while the hot sea breeze caresses your skin. And you can also enjoy a wine tasting aperitivo close to the Cathedral or perhaps in front of the majestic sea view of Mondello – located just less than 8 miles away from the city centre. You can’t miss Palermo!

Palermo and Catania- the capitals of Sicily

Palermo and Catania- the capitals of Sicily

  • Catania:

Second city of Sicily, but proudly the only volcanic capital of the island, Catania is famous for its baroque historical centre, its vibrant street art scene and the nearness of the biggest volcano in Europe: Etna.
Walking through Catania’s historical market is a very typical experience you can have only in Sicily. Let yourself tempted by trying fresh local produce and a chilled glass of wine to accompany your holiday – you will surely never forget your great holiday in Catania.

  • Cefalù:

Here we are talking about one of the pearls of Sicily and surely the most famous coastal town among the Sicilian places one can visit. Cefalù is well known for its sandy seafront within the historical centre, its marvellous Norman Cathedral and its medieval alleys. It is very easy to reach Cefalù from Palemo – it’s located 48 miles away but many public transport companies offer this route – and you can enjoy a visit there by choosing it amongst the possible tours Sicily Holiday offers.

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  • Segesta:

This is the home of the best preserved Doric temple of the world. If you fancy archaeology and want to live an Indiana Jones style experience, this is the place to go! A visit to Segesta is one of the all-day excursions you can pick within those available booking with Sicily Holiday a no-flight package whose destination is Palermo .

Segesta and Agrigento: the Greek ancient temples

Segesta and Agrigento: the Greek ancient temples

  • Siracusa and Noto:

Famous for having been the home place of Archimede, Plato and Montalbano, Syracuse is one of the most important poleis of Magna Graecia. If you are passionate about ancient history combined with pristine beaches this is the place for you – in fact the actual Cathedral has been built on the ancient Temple of Athena and its columns still can be seen in the structure. Noto, Scicli and the South East of Sicily are also famous for their Baroque style: these areas are the best examples in the world of how human mastery of carving stones can characterize small towns and transform them into magnificences.

  • Trapani and Marsala:

Marsala is the westernmost Sicilian city and, together with Trapani, forms one of the main urban areas of the island. However, what is very typical of these towns is the richness of food variety, amazing landscapes, sparkling salt flats and unique wines. If travelling to this area make sure to hop on the cableway to the medieval hilltop town called Erice and reach its castle, from which you can take a look at the Egadi Islands and fall in love with Sicily.

Three great views of Marsala and Cefalù

Three great views of Marsala on the left, an outlook of Gibilmanna from Cefalù and the Cathedral of Cefalù

  • San Vito Lo Capo:

This is one of the unmissable Sicilian places one can’t miss if travelling in the west of the island. Sicilians usually go to this small seaside town to enjoy cous-cous and pristine beaches. San Vito Lo Capo seems like a postcard from the past, when people used the local fishing port to draw out tuna and other delicacies of the sea around Sicily. If you are passionate about sea, hiking, food and nature, this is the place to go!

  • Agrigento:

Together with Segesta, Agrigento is the archaeological capital of Sicily. Agrigento is famous in all the world for its Valley of the Temples, where some of the biggest still standing Greek ancient temples soar in the outskirts of the town. The countryside around Agrigento is also very interesting: it reaches its peak during late February, when thousands of almond trees bloom in every garden. But if you travel to Agrigento during the summer, we suggest to visit Scala Dei Turchi, a suggestive rock wall that rises high above the sea.

  • Minor Islands:

Not everyone knows that Sicily is an island made of many other small islands and archipelagos. The Aeolian Islands are some of the best places you can go to experience marvellous weather from autumn to summer, excellent seafood, special wines and volcanoes to be climbed! The most important islands are Stromboli, Panarea and Lipari and they can be reached from mainland Sicily – Catania, Palermo, Messina and Milazzo –  by ferry or fast hydrofoil boats. On the other side of the island and not far from Trapani, the Egadi Islands are worth a visit too. We suggest to visit Levanzo or Favignana, you won’t regret it!

Three of the best Sicilian places you can visit

Three of the best Sicilian places you can visit

  • Giardini di Naxos:

Close to the more famous Taormina, Giardini di Naxos is the typical Italian coastal town you need to visit if you are after a taste of authenticity. This ancient town – it’s the first Greek settlement in Sicily dating from the 8th century BC – is famous all around the worls for its bars, restaurants, its view of Taormina, its nightlife and its beaches. It is a tourist destination and most people think this place is itself a good reason to go to Sicily, even though together with Taormina it’s really expensive.

These are the 10 Sicilian places we really believe a tourist should visit to live the special characteristics of Sicily. Everywhere is different in its own small way but they all share the same unforgettable features: traditions, culture, passion, sea and delicious food.

That’s why Sicily Holiday is proud to offer a set of no-flight packages, bookable in few weeks, that will cover a visit to most of these places accompanied by a tourist guide! Pre-book your next holiday today and get ready to pack your luggages!

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