10 things to do before travel to Sicily

A list of things to do before travel might be more than useful when a few days separate you from your holiday in Sicily. It is time to check everything before taking that flight and leaving home with a sense of security. Sicily Holiday will take care of anything related with your itinerary and will make sure all is good with your holiday, but you may want to have everything prepared before locking the door and heading to the airport! Check these 10 things to do before travel to Sicily and get ready to dream.

  1. Money, money, money: Sicily is part of Italy and the European Union, therefore the official currency is Euro. If you are planning to take cash with you it is important that you check the official exchange rates from the Bank of England as one of the things to do before travel to Sicily, so that before buying any foreign currency you know what is the price. Italy is generally more cash friendly than other holiday destinations but it is always good to carry your own credit/debit card around. A very good alternative is to get a prepaid card so that you can top it up online and use it for your transactions abroad without the extra charges related with credit and debit cards.

    A nice calm beach close to Trapani

    A nice calm beach close to Trapani

  2. Health insurance card: while the UK is still part of the European Union – and very likely when Brexit is completed – each British citizen can request an in-date European Health Insurance Card that will entitle the holder with free or subsidised health care while in Europe.
    If you don’t have a card you can apply for one by going on the NHS website – remember that the European Health Insurance Card is free, so don’t get it if the website you’re visiting asks for a fee! Remember that health insurance is something very important when you are abroad, whatever happens this is one of the crucial things to do before going on holiday.Being health insured is different from having a travel insurance on your holiday, that is why Sicily Holiday includes a 100% financial protection and an optional travel insurance.
  3. Passports: it might sound simple, but a lot of people forget to check passports before leaving and they get stuck at the airport because the documents are out of date. It is always convenient to check your passport a couple of months before departure. Anyway there are no specific documents or VISA required for Sicily, as it is part of Italy and the European Union.

    Misty cliffs in Terrasini - close to Palermo and Trapani

    Misty cliffs in Terrasini – close to Palermo and Trapani

  4. Mind your savings: many banks would apply a fee to your cash withdrawal if you are abroad, so it is always better to ask your branch about any fees before travelling to Sicily. Among the things to do before travel, this is very important because your bank could have a special service for cash withdrawals made abroad and because they could think these sudden overseas activities are suspicious and block the card.
  5. Check your route to and from the airport: Sicily Holiday would love to manage also your trip between your home and the airport but unfortunately we can not! Then, please make sure you have planned the route to and from the airport and allow extra time in case of road works or any other unforeseen circumstances.
    If you are going to park at the airport, it might be good to book a spot in advance and get the best price. Also, remember to inform Sicily Holiday on arrival and leaving time, so we can make sure your transfer in Sicily is ready for you when you need it.
  6. Luggage allowance: everyone wants the queue at the check-in desk to be fast and go smoothly, so the holiday can start with the right foot. It is necessary in these occasions to check the luggage allowances from the company you booked the flight with and weigh your case before getting to the airport. If your package includes a flight, Sicily Holiday will inform you about the luggage allowances related with the airline.–> Did you know Sicily Holiday sells flights now? Ask for more informations writing to info@sicilyholiday.co.uk! <–
  7. Travel Insurance: Sicily Holiday is happy to offer you a travel insurance quotation with your holiday booking. You can choose to buy the travel insurance with Sicily Holiday or from any other insurance provider. Our Travel Insurance includes medical cover, cancellation cover and baggage cover.

    Piazza Pretoria in Palermo

    Piazza Pretoria in Palermo

  8. Shut everything at home and secure it: just before leaving home remember to secure every door, window and other entrances. Remember to cancel any deliveries and, if possible, paper advertising that will accumulate behind your front door or just inside of it. It is always better to ask a friend, a trusted neighbour or a family member to periodically check the house and remove the mail that has accumulated there.
    Finally, remember that if you have not secured your home properly, your insurance may be deemed invalid, so taking time to check everything before leaving is really important!
  9. Learn Italian! Many people in Sicily don’t speak English, so it is important to get to know the basics  of Italian – and of Sicilian – at the very least! People in Sicily are usually friendly and impressed when a foreigner shows the effort of speaking their language, so most of Sicilians will surely help you out with speaking Italian.
    Even though all our guides will be glad to help you out with some conversation in Italian, it is always helpful to learn the basic of Italian.
  10. Learn how to recognize good ice cream: especially during summer months, people in Sicily like to enjoy chilled food. Italian Gelato is one of the unmissable things to taste in Sicily. Before buying one, check the colour of mint or pistacchio flavoured ones: if the former is a light green and the latter sort of brown, then you are in the right place!
Romantic sunset on the sea

Romantic sunset on the sea

Going on Holiday in Sicily should be a great unforgettable experience and it is Sicily Holiday’s mission to provide every customer with the best deal and to satisfy any special needs related with the trip. However, if you follow these 10 things to do before travelling to Sicily you will also be able to enjoy the package you purchased without worries.

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