Seven Wonders of Sicily – treasures of the Mediterranean you must visit if on holiday

Speaking about wonders of the Mediterranean, everyone knows about the Coliseum, the Sagrada Familia and the Parthenon. But what if there are seven wonders of Sicily that are mostly unknown and surely worth a visit?

Sicily is a big small country and its territory is full of places, stories, people and food able to feed the soul like no other place in southern Europe. Here at Sicily Life we want to list the seven wonders of Sicily according to our experience of travelling and enjoying the island during the past years. These are:

  1. Spiaggia dei Conigli – literally the rabbit beach is the beach facing the rabbit island, forming with Lampedusa and Linosa the Pelagie Islands.
    This little line of sand has been declared the best and most beautiful beach of the world on Tripadvisor and, considering the colours of its water, the nature and the landscape around it, we can’t do anything but agree!

    Spiaggia dei Conigli in multi-colour

    Spiaggia dei Conigli in multi-colour

  2. Lipari – this time in the north of Sicily, the biggest among the Aeolian islands is Lipari. Like its sisters, Lipari is the result of violent volcanic phenomena that occured during the last hundreds of thousands of years in the Mediterranean Sea and that contributed to form the actual volcanoes of Etna and Vesuvius. Today Lipari is a calm – especially during spring and autumn – and beautiful place in the middle of the sea, where a tourist can enjoy typical architecture, fresh sea food and wine tasting of local Malvasia grapes.

    Sights of Lipari - Wonders of Sicily

    Sights of Lipari – Wonders of Sicily

  3. Scala dei Turchi – a legend gives the name to this very particular place on the southern coast of Sicily. During the middle age, in fact, Turkish, Arabic and generally Moorish pirates used to take shelter in the bays surrounding the scala to give protection to their ships. Nowadays there are no pirates or buccaneers to threaten tourists so that anyone can climb up the bright white limescale cliff and enjoy the view.

    The Scala dei Turchi - Wonders of Sicily

    The Scala dei Turchi – Wonders of Sicily

  4. Sciacca – back to the south but on mainland Sicily, Sciacca is a sea town famous for its crescent-shaped port, its thermae and its richness of ancient monuments & churches. It lies in the province of Agrigento and we believe that the best way to approach the town is to arrive from the sea; this is because present-day Sciacca spreads over different levels of the hillside and the sight of the old town is very romantic! It would be nice to visit Sciacca during the typical local Carnevale – usually at the end of February – and see the local population celebrating the end of the winter season.

    Typical sights of Sciacca - the entrance of an old building, from the sea, the façade of a church

    Typical sights of Sciacca – the entrance of an old building, from the sea, the façade of a church

  5. Erice – not far from San Vito lo Capo and high on the top of a mountain, Erice clearly shows four different time periods: rests of Elimian walls are to be found in the Eastern part of the town together with Phoenician ones and the two castles date from Saracen times and Norman period, respectively. Erice is considered to be one of the most beautiful small villages of Italy for it has successfully preserved its medieval historical centre and its loca culture.
    A nice way to reach the village is to take the recently built cable car that connects the ouskirts of Trapani with Erice.

    View from Erice and sights of the old village

    View from Erice and sights of the old village

  6. Ragusa Ibla is a triumph of Sicilian Baroque style as it has been rebuilt after a disastrous earthquake in 1693 that destroyed the town. Together with other towns in the same area, Ragusa has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site for its Baroque city centre. This is fully enough to make it worth a visit!

    Historical Centre of Ragusa Ibla - Wonders of Sicily

    Historical Centre of Ragusa Ibla – Wonders of Sicily

  7. Piazza Armerina – each summer, during two days of August -12th to 14th – this comune in the inland province of Enna hosts the Palio dei Normanni, a costume representation of an event happened around a thousands years ago. During the representation, locals wear middle age costumes and play numerous games: there are dames, horses, lords and knights trying to win the right to expose the sacred image of the Madonna delle Vittorie in their local church for a year after winning the Palio. Fascinating, right?

    Sights of the Palio in Piazza Armerina

    Sights of the Palio in Piazza Armerina

There are surely more Wonders of Sicily to be enjoyed and many others to be discovered, for now these are the most interesting we want to share with the fans of Sicily Life but we are sure some more are to come!

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