Events in Sicily during summer 2016

Which are the best events in Sicily for the upcoming summer 2016? Here is a list of the main events which will be held in the island this summer, and we advice to consider them when planning to go to Sicily on holiday.

There are lots of events in Sicily this summer 2016: the pearl of the Mediterranean is rich in festivals, loval fairs and other happenings. This is why we want to highlight the most exciting ones with this post.

We wanted to list those events in Sicily we would love the most and that are more representative of Sicilian Lifestyle:

    1. Santa Rosalia – Palermo: The capital of Sicily offers one of the most exciting and interesting events of the Island. Santa Rosalia is the patron saint of Palermo and locals’ devotion in her is so great the whole city turns into a huge partying stage where everyone takes part to the festino – little fest in Italian.
      The main celebrations are held each year on the 14th of July and start on the 11th same month. It is a majestic event and we really recommend to be there during the festino, especially if street food, excited crowds and huge fireworks shows are in your idea of summer.
    2. Cous Cous Fest: Delicious, cheap, exotic and available in great variety. The cous cous is one of the most appreciated Sicilian foods all over the world, especially in its Trapani variant. The Cous Cous Fest is an event held every year during the second half of September and it’s surely the most international amongst the events in Sicily during summer. The whole village of San Vito lo Capo converts into an open air restaurant where people from all the world propose their cous cous recipes. Super yummy!
    3. Infiorata in Noto: during the second week of May – 11th to 15th – the Baroque town of Noto literally blooms. Its Baroque stone streets are filled with flowery compositions that the traveller can explore by walking on special walkways going around the city centre. Like flowers, the Infiorata happens once a year during springtime. The heart of the town called Giardino di Pietra – marble garden – becomes a live yard full of locals creating flowery compositions. The style, the topic and the perfume of flowers changes every year according to a local committee that picks among mithology, architecture and arts epoques.
View of Infiorata in Noto, fireworks during Santa Rosalia's festino, seafood couscous

View of Infiorata in Noto, fireworks during Santa Rosalia’s festino, seafood couscous

    1. Festa del Salvatore in Cefalù: Everyone knows Italians are very religious people, they have strong traditions that are still considered nowadays. If your idea of holiday in Sicily is connected with feeling local traditional events, then you have to go to Cefalù from the 2nd to the 10th day of August to participate to the mystical and joyful celebration of the Festa del Salvatore. This festivity is a mixture of sacred and profane, folk culture and religion, of of the most touching events in Sicily for the lovers of the genre.
      The celebration started the 5th of February 1783 when – according to local beliefs – Jesus Christ in person saved the sea-town from collapsing after a tremendous earthquake, and consists of folk bands playing in the medieval streets, firecrackers shooting in the evening and, of course, fireworks during the last day of celebration, 5th of August.
    2. Zanne Festival: Live Music, Festivals, Indie Music: these are the main topics that are transforming Sicily into the place to be during summer if you are an indie authors lover. Together with the Ypsigrock event, Zanne Festival is a concentration of the ultimate indie music authors, electro music stars and rock players with a terrific lineup. This summer’s event will take place in the Gioeni Park of Catania – North from the historical centre – from the 22nd to the 24th of July. The festival’s website will soon release the lineup, but we are sure it will be a great event like last year.
    3. Sagra del Cannolo: Less international but uniquely tasty, is the Sagra del Cannolo, held in Piana degli Albanesi near Palermo. Did you like our post about the typical Sicilian cake Cassata? Very well, if Cassata is the queen of Sicilian baking, the Cannolo is surely the king! And the Sagra del Cannolo is one of the events in Sicily this summer you can’t miss if you’re a dessert lover. The fair is visited every year by millions of tourists who reach the location to taste the infinite versions of the cannolo – all tasted together with some typical sweet wines. The sagra takes place in April in the streets of the Sicilian village but they repeat the event during August.
Zannefestival logo, a view of Cefalù seafront and delicious cannolos ready to be eaten!

Zannefestival logo, a view of Cefalù seafront and delicious cannolos ready to be eaten

  1. Sciacca Film Fest: OK we all know this is not Cannes Film Festival but this niche event is growing year after year, bringing cinema geeks and curious to the coastal town of Sciacca to enjoy the stunning sunsets together with the selection of international an Italian movies. The Sicilian Film Festival usually takes place during the first week of September and the cultural offer is articulated into short movies, documentaries, original language movies, exhibitions, music and much more. Not only the festival is worth a visit to Sciacca, but the location of the event is really interesting as it is an Sicilian historical building restored for the cultural purposes.
  2. Ferragosto: Ferragosto is the Italian summer festivity par excellence and particularly in Sicily. The word comes from the Latin feriae Augusti which mean the fairs in honour of Augustus, the Roman emperor who introduced the festivity. Every place in Sicily, from the capital cities to the smallest villages have something happening on this day and during the hottest night of the year.
    Very famous are the firework shows that illuminate the Sicilian sky for an entire night and the ritual midnight bath in the sea, use diffused among the youngest.
Ferragosto in Sicily and Sciacca

Ferragosto in Sicily and Sciacca

If one would want to attend everyone of these Sicilian events this summer, a single holiday would not be enough. Anyway Sicily Holiday offers the possibility to arrange your holiday in such a way to enjoy Sicily at its best, including special events like these just listed above or all the others happening in the island of the Mediterranean.

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