ATOL Protected holiday and travel insurance: how to secure your days away

Have you ever had a holiday full of unforeseen events? So many you couldn’t enjoy your travel abroad or maybe just one big unforgettable unlucky event? Yes? Well, how did the travel agency you booked with help you? But, most important, was yours an ATOL protected holiday? Have you bought your travel insurance?

Choose an ATOL Protected Holiday when book a flight package

Choose an ATOL Protected Holiday when book a flight package

Of course: if you are on holiday, either if you are on a romantic honeymoon with your other half or maybe on an adventure with friends climbing a volcano or even sunbathing next to your wife while your two little ones are playing in the sand, you don’t really want anything to ruin that moment. That’s why it’s so important that you book an ATOL Protected holiday and a travel insurance together with your holiday package. Because you want you and your loved ones to be protected on holiday from those unforeseen events which perhaps can make your meant-to-be-relaxed days look like a nightmare.

Thinking about the worst scenario, ATOL Protection secures your holiday – and your money – in case the travel company you booked with goes bankrupt. What would you do if for example you booked a holiday with Sicily Holiday, the Family Deal for 2 adults and 2 kids for example, and at some point the travel agency web based on went bankrupt? Think about it, we’ll come back to this point.

You probably did not know how important is your holiday to be protected. Protected from the already mentioned unforeseen events, or unexpected cancellation from the agency itself, or the majestic Force Majeure. It happens, but the worst scenario is itself your already ruined holiday.

ATOL stands for Air Travel Organiser’s Licence. Which means you’ll get a certificate as soon as your booking is confirmed and paid in full, showing you are covered and ensuring you won’t get stranded abroad or neither lose your money. The ATOL scheme, as stated on the website of the firm, is designed to reassure consumers that their money is safe, and will provide assistance in the event of a travel company failure.

Seal your luggage and protect your family with SIcily Holiday Ltd

Seal your luggage and protect your family with SIcily Holiday Ltd

Look before you book is the main rule, if you don’t want to get stuck. Check for the ATOL logo on the travel company website, brochures and advertisements. If you are still concerned, ask your travel company to tell you about their offered ATOL protection, or use the Check an ATOL facility. It will allow you to check if the travel agency you are booking with is part of the ATOL scheme.

And what about the travel insurance? We already mentioned the well known Force Majeure, and, as we like to say, you’ll never know until it happens to you. So, instead of trying to call the embassy on a Sunday afternoon, ensure your holiday.

Travel insurances are normally cheaper than you can think, ask Sicily Holiday for a quote or contact our provider Holiday Extras for more informations before you book – or either after – and make sure your holiday is protected from anything which could happen.

The Family Deal includes what you and your family needs to enjoy Sicily at its best! Check it <a href="">here</a>!

The Family Deal includes what you and your family needs to enjoy Sicily at its best! Check it here!

So, coming back to your fully booked travel to Sicily with Sicily Holiday, did you know we can offer you both an ATOL protection and a travel insurance? Our all inclusive holidays packages are 100% protected, as Sicily Holiday is a TTA member and booking with us means you receive a great customer service in primis while booking at the best price on the market. Plus, our holiday tours are tailored for our customers, whenever the booking is made without compromising the high level of the service we are glad to offer, always choosing the right solution for you to enjoy Sicily the best – and yes, we are Sicilian!

Take a look at our prices here —> SICILY HOLIDAY TOURS

Please, if you found a better deal online offering the same services, tell us: we’ll be happy to give you a 10% discount on any of our tours. Then, you can seal your suitcase and choose to secure your holiday in Sicily with us with an ATOL Protected holiday and a travel insurance. We will take care of everything else and we will not let you down, guaranteed.

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